The 5th International Rapier Seminar 2018 was a great success. It was organised by SHS here in Delft.

- advanced and beginners classes
- separate tracks of classes for beginners and experienced Rapierists, so that everybody can train with all instructors at an appropriate level!
- Reinier van Noort (NL/NO) teaching Dutch single rapier by Bruchius
- Lynette Nusbacher (UK) teaching Fabris rapier and dagger
- Iacopo Iacoponi (IT) teaching Capoferro’s early rapier.
- Alberto Bomprezzi (SP) teaching destreza: Geometry applied to Fencing
- Mike Prendergast (IR) - Giganti's pragmatic fencing against cuts.
- Emilia Skirmuntt (UK) Dirty tricks in single rapier and how to apply them in the tournament environment

We are planning a tournament on Sunday in thee pools.
- single rapier
- rapier and dagger
- mixed (including aforementioned, cloak, and buckler (<30cm)
Each pool has one winner. The cup goes to the best technical fencer of the whole tournament.


The results of the tournament:

Majken Roelfszema - technical excellence
Henry Vilhunen - single rapier
Oliver Janseps - mixed rapier
Bart Jongsma - rapier and dagger