We offer lessons in rapier screens according to the manuscript of Johannes Bruchius. These are usually given by one of our trainers Craig Healey, Rik Remmerswaal or Simon van Gemert. The lessons are given in English. We do our best to facilitate a good lesson and achieve four critical goals. They are:

  • Everyone goes home sweaty. We keep the trainers at a reasonably high level of effort. Even if the technical aspects of the sport do not completely suit you, you can always find a good workout with us. In addition, physical fitness is a must for every martial art.
  • Understand why, not just how. In the context of fighting, it is important to know when, why and how different techniques can be applied. During the training it is therefore explained why a certain technique works and there is room to ask questions about the theoretical background.
  • Aim for progress. We think it is extremely important that every member is given the opportunity and space to improve his or her knowledge and skills. It is of course not possible to give everyone personal attention in every lesson, but we do try to give everyone the opportunity to improve themselves through cooperation and targeted exercises.
  • Together we fight better. Greetings together, doing workouts and having a drink after training are important aspects of training for us. The importance of this is practical, because a group that knows and cares about each other can train and fight together safely. In addition, it is also just very cozy.

A regular training looks like this:

  • Greeting
  • Warmup
  • Workout
  • Exercises and technical explanation
  • Sparring and working on personal training goals

In addition to the regular training courses, there are also lessons in which we focus on a different weapon (for example, a long sword or wrestling) or a manuscript other than Bruchius. Sometimes we invite a guest instructor to learn another weapon or techniques from another master. We also regularly organize one or two-day workshops, entirely focused on rapier fencing. These are announced when applicable.

Weekly training

The SHS trains every week on wednesday from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the gym of the Jan Vermeerschool.

After the fence, walk around the left side of the school and you will see the entrance of the gym straight ahead.

Jan Vermeer school
Raam 20
2611LT Delft